California Green Medal

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  • All applicants must be a California vineyard and/or winery.
  • All applicants must have participated in a California sustainability program within the past 12 months (e.g., California Green Business Program, California Sustainable Winegrowing Self-Assessment Program, Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing, Fish Friendly Farming, LandSmart®, LODI RULES for Sustainable Winegrowing, LODI RULES Self-Assessment, Napa Green, SIP Certified®, SIP Certified® Self-Assessment).
  • Previous winners must wait three years to reapply and are encouraged to apply in other award categories.


The judging panel will consider the following criteria when scoring applications:

  • Practices, project(s) and/or initiative(s) that demonstrate outstanding achievement in each of the sustainable practice areas relevant to their award category
  • Major accomplishments and measurable results
  • Practices, project(s) and/or initiative(s) that are innovative and/or unique
  • Clearly articulates why they are deserving of the award and what sets them apart from others
  • Certified to a third-party sustainable winegrowing certification program receives bonus points
  • Provides compelling supporting documentation (see full list of examples on application)
  • Promotes public awareness of the merits of using sustainability practices through far-reaching platforms
  • Demonstrates Excellence in Award Category:
    – Environment Award: Demonstrates maximized environmental benefit
    – Community Award: Enhances relations with employees, neighbors and/or communitie
    – Business Award: Demonstrates efficiencies and cost savings
    – Leader Award: Balances multiple objectives of environmental, economic and social goals, and sustainability is clearly integrated into the overall business

Email us with any questions you have! 


  • Applicants are encouraged to focus on practices, projects or initiatives that have taken place in the past three years, with a particular emphasis on the past year.
  • Any applicants with multiple operations are encouraged to provide a company-wide perspective in application responses.
  • Applicants submit one application and will apply for one of the three innovator award categories: Environment, Business, or Community (see Award Categories for details). Applicants may also apply for the Leader award. If the applicant stands out in a category that was not selected on the application, the judging panel may use their discretion to nominate the applicant for another category.
  • Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with multiple employees when completing the application. For example, have a viticulturist complete questions on farming practices and have a marketing/PR executive address questions pertaining to community relations and stakeholder communications.
  • Applicants may submit larger supporting document files via, or similar document sharing sites.
  • Contact with any questions.